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Inspection Equipment
In order to meet the needs of the market for product quality and customers, we have set up an excellent product quality inspection department. The quality inspector carries out the final inspection and test of the finished pipe according to the product standard executed by the customer's order. According to the requirements of the standard, the chemical composition of the incoming material to the finished product is analyzed, the material is strictly controlled, the mechanical and chemical properties of the product are tested one by one, and the eddy current and ultrasonic non-destructive testing are carried out to ensure the product quality. According to the technical conditions and requirements of the product standard, the inspector determines the inner and outer surface of the product, the exterior shape of the end, the bending degree, the length and the outer diameter of the end. Stepwise inspection of wall thickness. Product inspection and test are qualified, and product quality certificates are issued to ensure that customers use satisfactory and reassuring products.

Product quality is the foundation of enterprise survival. For this reason, the company has introduced a series of advanced testing equipment for key production links, strict control of each pass, to ensure the high quality of products and customer satisfaction. The main testing equipments are ultrasonic flaw detection equipment, eddy current flaw detection equipment, hydraulic testing equipment, OBLF direct reading spectrometer, electro-hydraulic universal testing instrument, impact notch projector, carbon-sulfur joint testing analyzer, automatic pendulum impact testing machine, high temperature stretcher, visible spectrophotometer, Rockwell hardness tester, Isnol portable alloy analyzer, intergranular corrosion equipment, endoscope and metallography. Microscope, etc.