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Corporate culture
The company advocates the idea of "one game of chess". By giving full play to the enthusiasm, creativity and improving the technical, management and management level of all employees, the company continuously improves its management and management system, implements various forms of responsibility system, and constantly enlarges its strength and improves its economic benefits. Employees are encouraged to actively participate in decision-making and management of the company, to bring their talents into full play, and to put forward reasonable suggestions. The distribution system of "post salary system" should be implemented to provide employees with income and welfare guarantees, and with the improvement of economic benefits, all aspects of employees'treatment should be gradually improved; equal competitive environment and promotion opportunities should be provided for employees; post responsibility system should be implemented, attendance and assessment system should be implemented, priority should be evaluated, and contributors should be rewarded. Advocate a pragmatic style of work to improve work efficiency; advocate strict economy and oppose extravagance and waste; advocate staff solidarity and mutual assistance, work together, develop collective cooperation and collective creativity, enhance the cohesion and centripetal force of the group. Here, every advocate can find his own position and realize his own value.